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Thanksgiving Email Stationery (Stationary): Corn Ready For The Harvest

Rated: 5 (2 votes)  |  Copied: 49 times  |  Favorited: 4 times

First, you need to click on "Write Message" which will open a "Compose Message" section. You can type in the message you wish to have on the email stationery, email letterhead or eCard. There are several dozens of Fonts to choose from in terms of Style and the whole palette of Font Colors. You can also select various Font Sizes and a desired Alignment. After you have customized your message, click on Submit Change and watch your message being updated on the email stationery, eCard or email letterhead.

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The email service or editor should have WYSIWYG/Rich Text Format enabled. If you are using the most common email clients then this would already be enabled by default.

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